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Pipeline management

Pipeline and system management is all about safeguarding your pipeline or cable route and maximising its availability.

External factors can influence the pipeline route and its availability. Any changes that may occur to the pipeline route could have an adverse effect on your pipeline or cable network, and your business operations.

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External Safety of Pipelines Decree (BEVB)

Pipeline Control helps identify these external factors and ascertains the risks that these bring. The next step is to establish appropriate control measures. This is done via the HAZOP method (HAZard and OPerability study). Pipeline Control is one of the few operators in the Netherlands that is able to conduct its work in accordance with the External Safety of Pipelines Decree (BEVB).


We are fully up to date on the latest obligations with respect to local authorities and pipeline operators. We are familiar with the latest safety risks and apply the latest calculation methods. This enables us to manage your assets in the best way possible, both now and in the future.


You can find more information about the External Safety of Pipelines Decree (BEVB) here (in Dutch only)

Management activities

Pipeline Control performs the following activities on your behalf:

  • Pipeline inspections
  • Checking official publications
  • Supervision of groundwork contractors, KLIC supervision
  • Providing advice to landowners about land usage
  • Advising local authorities about public planning to avoid rerouting
  • 24/7 availability in the event of emergencies

We will provide you with periodic reports regarding our management activities.

From A to Z, for large and small

We perform all the aforementioned activities for the complete pipeline route, for the pipeline or cable sections, and for the associated systems along the complete route. Pipeline Control manages both pipelines and distribution systems.