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Any emergency situations that occur to or in the direct vicinity of a Pipeline Control pipeline should be reported to the following telephone number: +31(0)88 186 40 00.

meldingen - calamiteit

You will be put through to the Pipeline emergency desk. The team member there will ask you:

  • The location of the emergency
  • The nature of the emergency
  • Your name
  • Where and how you can be reached
  • Whether you have already alerted the police

You will then receive a call from the trouble-shooting manager at Pipeline Control. They will then take any necessary action.

Tasks of Pipeline Control

In the event of an emergency, Pipeline Control will carry out all those tasks which are necessary to get the pipeline up and running again as soon as possible. Moreover, we will ensure that contact will be made and action taken with regard to all parties involved.

If required, Pipeline Control can look after damage assessment and settlement. We will ensure that any costs incurred will be recovered from the party responsible. (For more information see: Damage assessment.)