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Work on a pipeline

Excavating, pile driving, probing or drilling: whenever these types of groundwork activities are carried near a pipeline, major risks are involved. There is a risk to the pipeline itself, but also to the environment, which may become contaminated as a result of product leakages.

Veiligheid - Werken bij een leiding

A groundwork contractor is often unaware of exactly where all pipelines run underground, or cannot directly see the risks involved in the work. For this reason, it is compulsory for contractors to report to KLIC whenever they plan to carry out groundwork activities in a specific zone.

KLIC stands for Kabels en Leidingen Informatie Centrum (Cable and Pipeline Information Centre). The KLIC will pass on these notifications to the pipeline operators who have cables and pipelines in the area indicated by the contractor.


KLIC notifications can be made by telephone or email.

T +31 (0)800 00 80


The role of Pipeline Control

Pipeline Control is affiliated with the KLIC organisation, and we will receive immediate notification of any planned work. We will always send the contractor a message to let them know about the possible consequences of the groundwork activities.

Interest / No Interest

If you receive a message with the word "Important", (‘Belang' in Dutch) this means that you are not permitted to conduct any work without prior permission. Along with this message, you will receive instructions and guidelines, explaining the measures that you need to take and a list of information that we may need from you.


You may require an (extra) permit to carry out your activities, and/or we may have to provide supervision during the work. In any event, you should always contact the pipeline management department at Pipeline Control when you receive a message with the word "Important".  


T +31 (0)88 186 40 22

E tracebeheer@pipeline-control.com


If you receive a message with the words "Not important", then Pipeline Control does not have any objections to the work you wish to carry out.

Legislation (WION and BEVB)

Our membership of the KLIC organisation and our policy in respect of notifications, means that Pipeline Control meets the requirements of the Underground Cables and Pipelines Information Exchange Act(WION). Furthermore, in our supervisory activities, we take into account the External Safety of Pipelines Decree (BEVB).